CirkelBo er et kommende økosamfund ved Vinge by i Frederikssund kommune. 

CirkelBo er et hjertbaseret fællesskab, der bygger på 3 grundsten:

  • Hjertemeditation
  • Way of Council
  • Conscious Creation

Disse praksiser er de bærende elementer i alt hvad vi foretager os. Tilsammen giver det os en indgang til en  rolig, harmonisk og åben tilgang til os selv, hinanden og verdenen. Læs mere og følg os på vores facebook side.

Her er vores beskrivelse fra Februar 2017:

CirkelBo Eco-Community is an organic growing project, sprouting project. It started with the dream about gathering a tribe of likeminded people to live and grow in sustainable builded circle-houses, where greens can surround and sustain a green lean lifestyle, of open minded, heart centered people of all ages. A thriving community including schools, workshop facilites, art-spaces and much more to fulfill the needs, dreams and passions of many spiritual souls.

This vision is shared by many, and together we can co-create and manifest this vision.
Vision (co-created by members of CirkelBo Community):

A community, where we through connecting with ourselves, source energy,
each other, and our environment, contribute towards better thriving
individuals, a thriving community and a thriving society leading to a better
thriving planet.

A community, that allows you to explore and to be however spiritual, creative,
and the best of who you are. Where we honour and practice Secular
Spirituality. This means that
no-one specific religion, belief system or philosophy, can be more important,
more prevailing or more true than others. As we want to ensure that our
individual members will be able to practice all kinds of religions, belief
systems, lifestyles and philosophies indiscriminately. Thus promoting
inclusion, interconnection, freedom of choice and a unity of consciousness.

A community, in where we honour and practice Gender And Race Equality
And Tolerance. This means no- one specific race, sex or gender orientation
can be more important or more prevailing than others. Thus promoting
diversity of race and gender orientation, inclusion, interconnection, freedom of
choice and orientation and a unity of consciousness.

Ethical, ecological and sustainable community dining. Organic and/or
biodynamic plant based food offers a diet, which is all of the above, and
therefore the diet that will be prepared in the community kitchen. However, all
members can freely bring their own home prepared (i.e.animal based) food, to
the community dining, that they feel necessary for completing their own food,
for themselves and/or their children.Thus promoting inclusion,
interconnection, awareness, freedom of choice and a unity of consciousness.

A community that creates cohesion, prevents and resolves conflicts
– Heart based focus and HeartMath social coherence tools,

– Way of Council (circle with talking piece)
– Appreciative inquiry Danish:

Appreciative Inquiry – fokuser på det gode

– Sociocracy elements and self organization:

A cultivated awareness of focus and energy (Energy flows, where attention
goes, Law of attraction, solution orientation, and vibration shift, into practice).

Focus On The Solution!

– Best practice of conflict mediation fx NVC, Imago or other proved
mediation methods.

A community that emphasizes the needs of privacy and being social,

To sow, grow and thrive healthily on the fruits, greens and legumes which
we grow, as much as possible, on permacultural and other Earth-preserving

To live in a bright, sustainable and healthy indoor and outdoor climate,
that allows us to thrive and which are also designed and based on sacred
geometry and Vaastu principles (stapachaveda).

To create and conduct a common workshop / seminar center with internal
workshops and courses, as well as an open inviting space for all interested.
Courses in healthy holistic living, such as yoga, dance, self development, and
furthermore, a center that promotes exhibitions, concerts, performance, an
art-space etc.

To create an International Community that is both for the people living there
as well open for the world. Where volunteers, workshop holders and friends
and alliances globally can come to exchange and thrive.

To creating and conduct a green inspiring community eco-café / restaurant,
and a health store / whole foods store.

A community that aims to establish a thriving network with the exciting
communities, businesses and individuals within the VINGE area. A community
which is part of an emerging world-wide community network.

A community that enhances, promotes and supports entrepreneurial thinking,
as we aim for more personal freedom, independence and a smarter, not harder
way of living. A community that can serve as a platform for bigger dreams for the
citizens, both with win win ideas for the community as well as outside.

A House Swapping opportunity, both nationally and internationally with
approved people that share the community values.

A community that ensures diversity in relation to age, gender and nationality.

A community where children can play around and grow up, amongst many
other children and adults they know and feel safe, free and comfortable with.

A community where people can grow old without being lonely, but still being
able to enjoy life and the community that they remain a valuable part of.
Current Guidelines and Restrictions:
Smoking is not accepted on the community area, not inside or outside. But is allowed only on the parking lot.

Some pets are allowed in the houses and in the outdoor area, but not in the atrium center space. When getting a new pet you have to apply for it.